Over 3 decades ago I enrolled on a course in photography with the BFP in London, that one course led me to a lifelong love of photography. In those early days I’d shoot medium format and 35mm until the discovery in the late 90s of a film scanner and Photoshop, I was hooked! I went on to take courses in Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress, a path that led me to go on to deliver courses at college level in those same subjects where I found that passing on my skills to others was also a great learning tool for me personally.


My time now is spent freelancing on a wide range of projects. My photography is mostly product and red carpet/media work while my editing is more varied and includes retouching and preparing product shots, retouching headshots, compositing and the like. I also recently dipped my toes into the movie world and became Director of Photography on the Knox Robinson production ‘In Search of Doc Holliday’.


It wasn’t long before my regular clients began asking me to look at their advertising material too and so I dusted off my DTP skills and began offering layout and design work.


I had some concerns that trying to be so diverse would weaken each area of my work, now however, after running all three aspects side-by-side and often combined within the same project, it has strengthened all three and allowed me to provide a more complete service to all of my clients.