Seeing the final output of any project is all well and good but, to really know what was done you need to see the beginnings as well. I hope to demonstrate at least some of what goes in to my work with the following images.

The image above was worked almost exclusively using dodge & burn techniques, allowing for a completely non-destructive workflow. The image below shows most of the work done on the dodge and burn layers. Once the cleaning up was done I made some colour changes and added a little sharpening.

Dodge & Burn screenshot

The restoration above is an image of Luther Street fire station. The original photograph was discovered in a locker at the fire station HQ and presented to the Fire Chief, he then decided to have the image restored. There's a website where you can read more here.

The restoration was painstaking and required an almost 'brick by brick' rebuilding approach. I created building blocks, some of which can be seen below, from areas where the detail was still reasonably intact and used those to restore the full image. Of course, none of this was possible without first doing a good deal of research on the fire station itself and buildings typical of the era and location.

Brickwork sample
Brickwork sample

A great headshot of Ellie from the Buskett shoot. This retouch began with frequency separation but was finished off with dodge & burn techniques. As you can see, I did a few colour adjustments and some work on the tonal range just to make the image 'pop' a bit more.